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   The Story ...

   N4BM started out as W1OHP, the amateur radio station call for the tall ship SSV Oliver Hazard Perry. W1OHP operated maritime from the 170ft Schooner Mystic a couple of years before the Perry's two-year-delayed first voyage in 2015.

   The use as the ship's amateur radio station became difficult as the only licensed radio operator on the Perry crew, W6TQS, transferred to another tall ship before that first voyage. TQS was the chief engineer and, once gone, there was no other licensed option for the station operating maritime.

   TQS was well known for transmitting the succesful SSB SOS call prior to the tall ship Bounty sinking in the Atlantic during Hurricane Sandy. TQS was a survior of that sinking that left the captain missing and one crew member dead.

   With continual funding problems, the Perry's status as a sailing school tall ship is inactive. The existing radio club is now repurposed into a contest, maritime, and emergency field radio club with operations in coastal areas of Florida and Rhode Island.

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry 2018

Schooner Mystic 2014

Crew setting up the end fed antenna at 85 ft.
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